Modern times require modern solutions to past problems. Bidets are one fine example in this regard. It is not solely a European norm anymore. People from all around the world, including Australians, have now started to accept its utility. Toilet paper usage has seen a sharp decline ever since bidets got popular, and for good reasons.

Existing bidet users acknowledge the immense utility of these clever appliances. This, in turn, is quite reassuring for potential users, which is a key reason for the recent increase in bidet sales all over the world. Unfortunately, the amount of global bidet usage still pales in comparison to toilet paper. They are gradually gaining popularity, but are not exactly there yet. We believe this is down to a lack of proper information, something we hope to address in this article.

Why are bidets getting more popular?

Bidets are gaining in popularity due to several good reasons. The fact that they are significantly more hygienic is arguably the biggest motivator for individuals opting to get one. With advancements in technology, people are gradually tilting towards modern solutions to the problems of the past.

Australian laws state that any form of technical plumbing work needs to be performed by licensed professionals. This can be quite discouraging for potential bidet users. However, this has not stopped Australians from transitioning into bidet usage simply because of the immense utility they provide.

The advent of the coronavirus pandemic saw a sharp decline in the availability of toilet paper in marketplaces, both online and offline, because of the strict government guidelines on social distancing and imposed lockdowns. People began to stock toilet paper in their homes, leading to a shortage in the market. This triggered a rise in bidet purchases as they are the ideal alternatives.

Furthermore, bidets enhance the aesthetics of a bathroom. Toilet paper is not an appliance; bidets are! You can match the theme of your bathroom by getting a customized bidet. Some of the larger variants, like the smart toilet suite, come in elegant color models that look and feel classy. They make your bathroom one step closer to complete automation if not already. People are starting to realize the value that bidets bring to households. Hence, the insurgence of bidet usage.

luxurious bathroom with electric bidet toilet suite

Why should I use a bidet?

There are multiple reasons for you to use a bidet. Ranging from medical reasons to environmental concerns, bidets deal with them all. Long-term users generally vouch for all the benefits promised by bidet companies. This proves bidets are no scam; you have to use them to feel the difference. Let us take a look at some of the advantages of using bidets and explain why you should be using one.

Personal hygiene

Bidets are significantly more hygienic compared to toilet paper. They also greatly reduce the spread of germs into other parts of your body. Imagine doing a better job at cleaning your anus by wiping it with toilet paper instead of spraying water into the region. It is quite impossible. After you defecate, your anal region becomes a refuge for unwanted germs and microorganisms. The simple act of wiping with a thin sheet of paper is simply not enough. Furthermore, the mere act of touching the depths of your buttocks can easily transfer germs into your hand, especially your fingers. These may be passed onto different regions of your body without you even realizing it. This is dangerous and can lead to diseases. Using a bidet solves this problem completely. There is no physical touch involved. Some variants negate the use of hands altogether.

More comfortable

One of the most common diseases associated with the rectal pathway is haemorrhoids (generally known as piles). This is a painful disease where veins in the interior walls of the anus become swollen and vulnerable. Any form of contact causes searing pain and occasional blood loss. Haemorrhoid patients suffer tremendously when using toilet paper due to the friction and pressure. Bidets can solve this issue as no contact is involved when using them. In fact, patients have claimed that bidets provide a sense of relief in those parts and that having a bidet is one of the key steps towards recovery.

Environmental impact

Toilet paper is made from wood, which is obtained by cutting down trees. This harms the environment. In fact, toilet paper production is one of the major contributors to global deforestation. Furthermore, the manufacturing processes are also not so environmentally friendly. Chlorine by-products produced in abundance during paper production cause air and water pollution. Bidets avoid all that.

man buying toilet paper in grocery store

Long-term savings

Although the initial payment when buying a bidet might seem too much, continued usage will make it worthwhile down the line. Yes, you can continue to use toilet paper after getting a bidet, but it is not necessary. Saving up on toilet papers, however, will save you a ton of money by the end of the year. You will be amazed at the amount you saved. Chances are, it will be more than what you paid for the bidet in the first place.

Types of bidets

Although you might have come across a great variety of customized bidets, they come in six basic variants. Each has its own set of features, way of use, and ideal scenario of implementation. A standalone bidet is an independent appliance that is not connected to the toilet by any means. Users manually clean their backsides with it after finishing their job. Travel bidets are similar in terms of not being connected to the toilet. These are miniature devices that can be used on the go. Handheld bidet sprayers are travel bidets that are connected to the water supply outlet.

As for the bidet attachments, they are intricate devices that are attached underneath the existing toilet seat. They retrieve water from the mains and spray it through a nozzle. Add-on bidet seats serve the same purpose in the same way. The difference is they are toilet seats themselves and are replacements for the regular ones.

Lastly, the smart toilet suite is the most technologically advanced variant of the lot. It is a combination of a toilet and a bidet. The modes of operations are similar to bidet attachments or bidet seats but in more efficient ways.

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How does a bidet work?

Now that we have discussed the different types of bidets, let us take a closer look into their features, benefits, and modes of operation.

electric bidet toilet seat nozzle spray

Standalone bidet: Due to these being independent appliances, their usage is slightly different. A standalone bidet represents a large basin of water where the user dips their buttock region. No automated mechanism is integrated into these variants. The user has to manually clean the region while the bum is submerged. Many users use toilet paper before using a standalone bidet, but that is optional. Any fecal matter that drops into the bidet is washed away as the basin is emptied. These bidets are quite popular among the public, especially because of their aesthetics. As independent appliances, they come in all sorts of customized forms, keeping the aesthetics in mind.

Portable travel bidet: As the name suggests, these devices are popular due to their portability. Travelers can take them high up in the mountains or deep jungles with ease. They come as small containers with a nozzle attached. This is where the water is sprayed through. Battery-operated electric variants can spray the water on their own, while the non-electric versions require manual pressure. All you need to do is to aim the water jet into your anal region, and the bidet will do the rest.

Handheld bidet sprayer: These are similar to travel bidets except for the portability part. The mode of operation is exactly the same. A nozzle sprays the water out of the bidet, which is then aimed at the region for cleaning. They can maintain higher water pressure as they are connected directly to the plumbing lines of the house, unlike travel bidets. Imagine kitchen faucet sprayers. Handheld bidet sprayers are also the same but with a different purpose to fulfill.

Add-on bidet attachment: As they are connected underneath the toilet seat, there is little user involvement with add-on bidet attachments. The device follows a simple mechanism where it draws water from the main supply and aims it into the anal region for cleaning. All you need to do is sit in the right spot and let the bidet handle the rest.

Add-on bidet toilet seat: These are replacement seats that are installed on the toilet. Built-in mechanisms are installed that relay water from the main supply, through a nozzle, into the anus. The water flow is similar to bidet attachments; however, in this case, the seat comes with the bidet. The electric variant has features like seat warming and air drying and can be controlled remotely.

Smart toilet suite with built-in bidet: These are the crown jewels of bidets! Smart toilet suites are complete packages that include a state-of-the-art bidet system along with the toilet itself. The operational mechanism remains similar to bidet toilet seats and bidet attachments. Users can relax and let the bidet take charge of the cleaning. These bidets are advanced and provide a sensational experience to their users. Consider them as a one-stop solution to all of your bathroom needs.

How to use our bidets?

Let us take a look at some of our products and the ways to use them.

Non-electric bidet range

bidetry non-electric bidet toilet seat

bidetry BX (bidet attachment): These bidet attachments are built to slot into almost any type of toilet. The knobs are chrome plated, the hose is pure stainless steel, and the connectors are made of brass to withstand high pressure. The nozzles have a cleaning feature that keeps them clean at all times. As for the water, all you need to do is connect the bidet to the water supply outlet, and you should be good to go. The nozzle sprays water into the bum. These bidets can wash both the front and rear parts while maintaining user-defined water pressure. For such a minimal price, the functionalities are many. Users looking for a proper bidet experience without spending a lot should definitely go for this variant.

bidetry EX (bidet toilet seat): These alternative toilet seats are proving to be quite the game-changer. This variant is similar to regular toilet seats, except that it comes with a small lever on one side that allows the bidet to perform its primary function. Additionally, this version contains a high-end, anti-bacterial nozzle that ensures lofty hygiene standards. On top of all that, this variant also performs aerobic bubble cleaning. As for the water supply, it is similar to bidet attachments. Connect it and forget it.

Electric bidet range

bidetry electric smart toilet seat

bidetry LX (smart toilet seat): This variant surpasses the previous one in terms of functionalities. The standard model contains a fixed control on one side, while the deluxe model can be operated remotely. The nozzle itself is tech-infused as it ejects oxygen-rich water that produces bubbles and gives the user a comfortable and pleasant experience. You can choose the way the water is sprayed onto you. We suggest trying out the massage washing mode. Some of the best features of this variant include auto-deodorization, auto power-saving, night light, air dryer, adjustable nozzle position, adjustable water temperature and pressure, thermostatic heating sensor, and a few more.

bidetry HX (smart toilet seat with UV steriliser): Arguably the most secure of the lot, this variant takes hygiene to a whole new level. UV sterilization techniques are used to disinfect the toilet seat, making it significantly safer to use compared to other versions. The spraying nozzle is, like the others, made of stainless steel and has self-cleaning capabilities. You would no longer have to worry about manually sterilizing the toilet seat. The toilet itself does it for you. On top of that, this variant comes with all the advanced features of a bidet toilet seat as mentioned in the previous section.

bidetry SX (smart toilet suite): A smart toilet suite is the king of bidets. As mentioned earlier, this is not just a bidet but an entire toilet experience. The opening is controlled by a motion sensor. The flushing is done automatically. The toilet emanates a classy night light when in the dark. The entire system is remotely controlled. Yes, the features are seemingly endless. Its mode of operation is the most straightforward of the lot. Simply use it like a regular toilet, as all the bidet functions are installed within. If you set it up correctly, chances are, you will never have to touch your toilet ever again, improving hygiene in the process.

Which bidet is best for me?

This is totally dependent on your requirements. If you are looking for a complete renovation, choose the smart toilet suite as it would take care of all your bathroom needs. However, if the budget is short and you are going for a renovation anyway, the standalone bidet is a good choice. It is a separate appliance that you can have customized to fit the existing theme of the bathroom. For travelers, the portable bidet is a no-brainer.

The bidet attachments and bidet toilet seats are budget devices that do the task of a smart toilet suite. If you are looking for utility only, try the bidet attachment. You will have your bidet needs fulfilled remarkably. If you want to go one step ahead and get a better experience, get the bidet toilet seat. The differences are not substantial. It is up to the choice, budget, and needs of the potential user.

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